Supporting BK RPG!

This page is an alternative to the Patreon for supporting BK RPG! Patreon is the preferred method of support, however, if you can’t use Patreon, we also allow for payment through PayPal.

Use the button below to support. When asked quantity, select the number of months you wish to support for.

Here is a list of the 3 different tiers you can choose from!

Make sure you message me with proof of support we can give you your rewards! It may take up to 1 business day for bonuses to be applied, as I have to do non-Patreon upgrades manually.

Bonus Daily Guilders51025
Experience Boost5%25%25%
Damage BoostN/AN/A5%
Extra Inventory Slots102020
Cost (USD/month) $1 $5 $10