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Bot Rewrites

BK RPG and BrassBot have been fixed!!!

BK RPG is still under revamp however, and you can track progress here:


  • Get the bot back online
  • Update inventories
  • Update combat system
  • Update file structure
  • Update quest system
  • Update dimensions
  • Pets

BrassBot Rewrite


  • Stall
  • Mute/Unmute/Active Mutes
  • Rollcall
  • Rule Commands
  • Raid Mode
  • Purge
  • New Report Functionality


  • Coming Soon


  • Daily
  • Shop
  • Claiming Point Spawns


  • Self explanatory


  • Command Logging
  • Member Welcome/Farewell
  • Message deletion logging
  • Voting reaction adding
  • Link filtering from low ranks
  • QOTD
  • who-ping
  • Suggestions
  • Inputs
  • Proclaim
  • Mod-Jump
  • Invite
  • Online Stats
  • Say/File(m)/Embed/EmbedMeID
  • Guild Sweep
  • Support BBot/BK


  • Starting Election
  • Voting
  • Result Logging


  • Server Time
  • Fun Commands (Bab , heckheck, what-is-gilby?)
  • Help
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As promised, pets will be coming soon to BK RPG, and Patreons will be able to get them before anyone else!  

Pets will be feedable once per day (assuming you have the food). These cute and courageous companions will also provide special effects, like buffs or extra damage!

The power of these buffs can be increased too! Just like you, your pet will level up as you gain experience, and feeding it can also speed up the process.

Some pets will be Patreon only, and Patreons will get early access to pets when they are released! As a special bonus to Patreons, if you show your pets love and feed them regularly, they may even give you a gift in return!

If you aren’t a Patreon, definitely check out our page here and consider supporting! As thanks, you’ll unlock a variety of boosts in BK RPG!

(Despite Sasha’s best attempts, there will be more than just cats available as pets in BK RPG)

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Oooh. Sparkles

Guilders are a new arrival in BK RPG.

They can be used to purchase stat resets or buy Guilder Chests, which contain random loot.

You can earn them by doing the daily check-in and with a low chance when defeating monsters.

Guilders can earn you items like the relics of Torte’eschal, which can save you from death, or a Badge that massively increases your Luck!