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Patch Notes 10/12/18 – Quests!

It’s time to quest! The latest feature to hit BK RPG is the ability to take quests and turn them in to receive rewards! We also have the official beta launch date of 1/1/2019

In this patch notes, I’ll break down the new quest system, talk about the new mobs in BK RPG and finally, the bugs we’ve squashed!


If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story

Terry Prachett – Yes, he exists in as many worlds as he wants to

Finally! A reason to chase down monsters other than purely grinding! This patch will allow you to accept and turn in quests!

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Patch Notes 2/12/18

Another patch notes, and we’ve moved ever closer to full launch. This time we’ll be talking about consumables and ability effects!
You’ll now be able to heal during battle, and some abilities now will apply useful effects to you or the opponent!
WordPress has seemingly also taken away the ability for custom bullet points so this week’s patch notes will be a bit plainer until I can work out how to use the new editor.

But, let’s not let that dull the most important news.


This means that we’re essentially ready for launch, as the Bot can now have 24/7 up-time, except for when we push out a new update!

Second most important news: The new bot prefix is ##
So to start the game for example, you’d use ##start
(The old one still works though!)

 Consumable items

Ever run low, or worse, died because of an unlucky crit? Well worry no more because potions are coming to a monster near you!

Potions are the first consumable items in BK RPG, and can be used once every 3 seconds, even during battle.

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Patch Notes 25/11/18

It’s time for our first patch notes!


Here I’ll be talking about the new features, changes and bugfixes that have happened with The Brass Knights RPG.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

crown Ability changes and Mana costs

No more never ending stream of explosions. Sorry StoryTeller

With the game moving closer to launch (and our rewrite of how Abilities work) we’re finally taking away the freedom of no Mana costs for some abilities.

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