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Bot Rewrites

Alethea and BrassBot are currently offline. Discord has updated the way its API works, and this has caused a small bug, in which reacting to a message with an emoji causes the bot to crash. On its own this wouldn’t be an issue, as it would be solved by a small update of the library, however the problem is that the bots were built on an older version of the library, as the library is constantly being updated because discord is constantly evolving. You can read more about the bug here:

Things have gone kaboom!

What does this mean? Obviously, we’ll need to shift to the new version of the library, and this means a somewhat major rewrite of parts of both bots. This is now my priority.

You can track progress here:


  • Combat
  • Guilders
  • Healing
  • Quests
  • Shops
  • Dimensions
  • Crafting

BrassBot Rewrite


  • Stall
  • Mute/Unmute/Active Mutes
  • Rollcall
  • Rule Commands
  • Raid Mode
  • Purge
  • New Report Functionality


  • Coming Soon


  • Daily
  • Shop
  • Claiming Point Spawns


  • Self explanatory


  • Command Logging
  • Member Welcome/Farewell
  • Message deletion logging
  • Voting reaction adding
  • Link filtering from low ranks
  • QOTD
  • who-ping
  • Suggestions
  • Inputs
  • Proclaim
  • Mod-Jump
  • Invite
  • Online Stats
  • Say/File(m)/Embed/EmbedMeID
  • Guild Sweep
  • Support BBot/BK


  • Starting Election
  • Voting
  • Result Logging


  • Server Time
  • Fun Commands (Bab , heckheck, what-is-gilby?)
  • Help