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As promised, pets will be coming soon to BK RPG, and Patreons will be able to get them before anyone else!  

Pets will be feedable once per day (assuming you have the food). These cute and courageous companions will also provide special effects, like buffs or extra damage!

The power of these buffs can be increased too! Just like you, your pet will level up as you gain experience, and feeding it can also speed up the process.

Some pets will be Patreon only, and Patreons will get early access to pets when they are released! As a special bonus to Patreons, if you show your pets love and feed them regularly, they may even give you a gift in return!

If you aren’t a Patreon, definitely check out our page here and consider supporting! As thanks, you’ll unlock a variety of boosts in BK RPG!

(Despite Sasha’s best attempts, there will be more than just cats available as pets in BK RPG)