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Time for a PLP – a Post Launch Post!

Well, it’s certainly been an insane 5 days for the BK RPG team.

I thought I’d just write up a short post about our experiences over the launch, and the difficulties we’ve had to overcome.

Launch was, for lack of a better phrase, incredibly traumatic. American timezones wreck havoc with Australia. So trying to get BK RPG up and running at 2-3am in the morning meant things got off to a rocky start, and we saw that with Wryvale Woods, where one quest wasn’t properly bugtested and was unable to be turned in.

The Hammer of the Forest – the unobtainable reward

We also had difficulty with balancing monsters to make them both enjoyable in 1-on -1 fights, but also as a party capable of taking out the opponent in two rounds of attacks. This is something that will remain at the forefront of the development of BK RPG as we try to keep everything balanced.

For a complete bug list and some of the suggestions that have been sent to us already, check out this link

Over the past few days, we’ve also had a few glimpses into the story that is about to unfold, including meeting several familiar faces! Keep an eye out – you too might appear as a cameo.

Finally, remember that we have our patreon campaign running strong!
It was incredible to see us shoot past our first goal, and rewards are currently in development, with Sasha working on the art!

We’re also almost close enough to unlock out second goal, which will unlock Hybrid Talents!
If you want to help unlock them, as well as get early access, check out our Patreon!

That’s all from me from this time, but stay tuned, because I’ll hopefully be doing a Q&A session about BK RPG in the near future!

~ Avalon