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Patch Notes 10/12/18 – Quests!

It’s time to quest! The latest feature to hit BK RPG is the ability to take quests and turn them in to receive rewards! We also have the official beta launch date of 1/1/2019

In this patch notes, I’ll break down the new quest system, talk about the new mobs in BK RPG and finally, the bugs we’ve squashed!


If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story

Terry Prachett – Yes, he exists in as many worlds as he wants to

Finally! A reason to chase down monsters other than purely grinding! This patch will allow you to accept and turn in quests!

New commands

quests – Displays quests available in a particular area (only usable in camp areas). Aliases: q
quests # – Displays detailed information about a quest. Aliases: q #
my-quests – Works exactly the same as quests.
take-quest # – Accepts a quest. Aliases: tq #
drop-quest # – Abandons a quest. Aliases: dq #
turn-in # – Turns in a quest, assuming you have completed the requirements for it! 

Unrelated to quests:
flee – Flees from combat. Can also be used to heal if the game believes you’re still stuck in combat. Use flee, then heal.
sort – Sorts your inventory by category. Remember this will shift around the order of your items, so check before you go to use anything.

There are currently two quests, both available from Morin’s Refuge

One will give you a rare item, the other will let you collect some goodies to use in the final thing still to come to BK RPG before the New Year, shops.

A quick note

If you can, please, please, please help us to keep developing BK RPG by supporting through our Patreon. We have a number of game related goals we’d love to hit, and as a thank you for your support, you can unlock some cool bonuses on the server.

New items

We’d better give you some new items to play around with too

[New Item] Copper ore – A piece of low quality ore, stacks to 20
[New Item] Copper ingot – A smelted ingot of copper, stacks to 10
[New Item] Potion of Resurrection – Automatically completely heals you upon death. Stacks up to 3.
[New Item] Crystal Shard – A rare gemstone.

The copper ingot and ore was made by ChatotTheParrot, and the potion art was done by BK Shockwave. Crystal Shard was made by yours truly.

Look forward to more equipable items with the shop system

New Locations and Mobs

Location Changes

The sage Morin was a human immortal and master craftsman of Seguya who fled north-east to the Wryvale Woods after a failed assassination attempt. Deep within the ancient forest, he came across the cave that would become known as Morin’s Refuge and inside that cave, the gate between worlds. Using his knowledge, and mastery of magic, he shaped the earth and stone of the cave to make a home for himself and became the self-proclaimed guardian of the gate. Under his watch, the gate remained sealed until it was used to send Avalon and I into your world. I’m not sure what’s become of Iaremor, the ancestral home of The Brass Knights since, but I worry. The world was a tumultuous place then, and we don’t know what’s happened in the hundreds of years we’ve been good. All I can tell is that things are not what they were. There is a dark presence in the world.


To facilitate the storyline, and gameplay changes, Wryvale Woods has taken a temporary leave of absence and been replaced with Morin’s Refuge Depths. But guess what? That means new mobs!

Mob Updates

Yet Another Mob Balance. We’ve changed a few drops around and heavily nerfed some monsters to create our introductory zone.

The drop system has now been recoded with a buff for players’.
When a mob dies, each drop is now rolled seperately, meaning that you could potentially loot every item a monster can drop in one encounter!

Dark Goblin nerfed

  • Attack speed and damage lowered
  • HP Potion drop removed

Cave Bat added

Art by Gilby
  • Relatively slow attack speed, relatively low damage
  • Sometimes drops HP and MP potions
  • Has a Life Steal attack, which heals it by the damage it deals

Lesser Golem added – Dangerous!

 MS Paint art by Avalon
  • Hits slow, but hard
  • Very high HP
  • Drops Copper Ore with a 100% chance
  • Low chance to drop Crystal Shard

Bug Fixes



A few small bugs have been patched:

  • Inventory details now viewable for all items, even those without art
  • Abilities now switch with as little buggy-ness as the server allows
  • Stuck in combat bug mitigated with the introduction of the flee command, which can be used to forcibly leave combat, allowing a player to heal

Other Updates:

  • HP command now shows XP as well
  • Inventory can be sorted with sort
  • As mentioned, flee allows escape from battle

Final words:

We’re only about 20 days out from Beta launch now, so stay tuned as we add shops and more equippable items to the game!

~ Avalon