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Patch Notes 2/12/18

Another patch notes, and we’ve moved ever closer to full launch. This time we’ll be talking about consumables and ability effects!
You’ll now be able to heal during battle, and some abilities now will apply useful effects to you or the opponent!
WordPress has seemingly also taken away the ability for custom bullet points so this week’s patch notes will be a bit plainer until I can work out how to use the new editor.

But, let’s not let that dull the most important news.


This means that we’re essentially ready for launch, as the Bot can now have 24/7 up-time, except for when we push out a new update!

Second most important news: The new bot prefix is ##
So to start the game for example, you’d use ##start
(The old one still works though!)

 Consumable items

Ever run low, or worse, died because of an unlucky crit? Well worry no more because potions are coming to a monster near you!

Potions are the first consumable items in BK RPG, and can be used once every 3 seconds, even during battle.


[New Item] Potion of Healing – Heals 50 HP and stacks up to 5
[New Item] Potion of Charging – Restores 50 MP and stacks up to 5

Using an item is very similar to equipping one.
Simply use use ItemNumber or u ItemNumber to use a consumable item.

I hope you’ll give them a go in some tough battles!

Mob Updates

Goblin-brewed potions are a off-putting concoction, containing all sorts of odd ingredients, but they get the job done.

Herman, Ashbury Apothecary

Another Mob Balance. We’ve added a Dark Goblin mob, and balanced Cursed Tree (as well as given it a drop), and changed Wolf and Cursed Tree behaviour so they no longer attack x times every y seconds.

Dark Goblin added.

Art by BK Logic
  • Dark Goblins hit fast, but not to heavily unless you are the unlucky victim of one of their dark hexes.
  • Low chance to drop HP potions

Cursed Tree balanced

  • Now hits frequently instead of a cluster of infrequent attacks
  • Low chance to drop MP potions

Wolf balanced

  • Now hits frequently instead of a cluster of infrequent attacks

 Abilities – Effects

Tactics are the key to victory


Thanks to our ability rewrite, we’ve been able to add some cool effects to abilities. These effects have been giving to our Base Classes (Warrior, Thief and Mage).
Importantly, these effects do not stack with themselves, so if you and a friend both apply the same effect to an opponent, it will not stack, nor increase the duration (yet).


  • Knife Throw -> Cripple
    • Does minor damage
    • Applies Cripple to your opponent for 1 minute
    • Reduces your opponent’s outgoing damage by 30%


  • Knuckle Attack -> Focus
    • Does minor damage
    • Applies Focus to yourself for 1 minute
    • Increases your own damage by 50%


  • Knuckle Attack -> Weaken
    • Does minor damage
    • Applies Weaken to your opponent for 1 minute
    • Increases all damage the opponent takes by 20%

Final words:

We’re so close to launch now, I can almost taste it! What does it taste like? That’s for me to know and you to find out!

Our BK Patreon is ready for launch too, if you want to help pay for the server costs and keep BK RPG up and running!

As always, stay tuned for more information!

~ Avalon