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Patch Notes 25/11/18

It’s time for our first patch notes!


Here I’ll be talking about the new features, changes and bugfixes that have happened with The Brass Knights RPG.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

crown Ability changes and Mana costs

No more never ending stream of explosions. Sorry StoryTeller

With the game moving closer to launch (and our rewrite of how Abilities work) we’re finally taking away the freedom of no Mana costs for some abilities.

Ability Changes

neutral Mage’s Arcane Blast renamed to Arcane Strike to match the Blade Strike and Shadow Strike skills of Warrior and Thief
neutral select-ability now uses the number shown next to the Ability name in the abilities command embed. An example using the image below would be
select-ability 1 or selab 1 to select Knuckle Attack



As you may have noticed in that image, Shadow Strike now has a cost of 25MP. No more spamming of the stronger class abilities. You’ll see a variety of MP costs as we add new abilities. Don’t worry though , you’ll regenerate some Mana with every hit

nerf Blade Strike, Shadow Strike, Arcane Strike now all cost 25MP.

buff Regenerate 5% of your maximum Mana with every hit

neutral The HP command now displays Mana as well as HP

hammer Bug Squashed: Fixed an error where HP bar would sometimes display differently to the HP shown beside it.

swords Inventory

As mentioned in the previous post, the inventory is now fully functional. Use the inventory command to check your items, and the equip command to equip them. At the moment, you can only have one of any item, but stacking will come in the future as we expand the game engine. You can also use inventory item-number  to see detailed information about an item.

buff All mobs now drop gold when defeated!

buff Extra bonus! All new player profiles come with a Sturdy Stick!
(You’ll actually have to equip it as your Weapon before you’ll be able to enter combat!)

swords Boss Loot

“Nothing is more pitiful than an empty bag of holding”
– Seastnán, The Voyage Conservator

With the release of the inventory, we decided you probably be able to collect some things to put in it.

buff Ogre’s will now occasionally drop an Ogre’s Club, which will increase your damage output considerably when equipped

monster added Changes to mobs and attack patterns

All mobs have been nerfed heavily to make things easier for new adventurers. We’ll be keeping an eye on

“They just don’t make monsters like they used to. I remember the day where a single critical strike from an Ogre would be fatal. We lost many adventurers that way…”
– Verner, The Animus Guard


nerf Replaced attacks with Bite (STR) and Claw Attack (DEX)
nerf Damage output reduced

Cursed Tree:

nerf Removed “Whip of Thorns”
nerf Shadow Blast rate reduced (33% -> 25%)
nerf Damage output reduced


nerf Merged Left Club and Right Club into Club
nerf Merged Left Bash and Right Bash into Bash.
nerf Rampage rate reduced (25% -> 14.2%);
nerf Damage of Club and Bash reduced

Final words:

As you can see, a lot has been happening pushing the game close to completion.

We’ll hopefully be holding a closed beta once we get Alethea (the bot) up and running on a server, so stay tuned for that. Just a few more bugs to squash!

~ Avalon